Question: Unapply versus arrow operator


I do not really understand the difference between annrow operator and unapply.
From the help pages it seems that unapply "creates" an arrow operator and thus that they could be two different ways to do the same thing.


f := x[1]+y[1]:

a := indets(f):                  # just because f can be more complex than the f above
g := (op(a)) -> f;              # generates an error, "operators not of a symbol type"
h := unapply(f, (op(a)))   # ok, but with a strange output
     h := (x__1, y__1) -> x__1+y__1

So it seems that Maple has transform by itself the indexed x[1] and y[1] into symbols x__1 and y__1.

Could you explain me what happened exactly ?


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