Question: End of parameters marker in the proc command

For what ever reason I found myself curious to know more about how random number generators work, rand() being one of my favourite tools in the shed to call apon when conducting one of my hobbyist number investigations. So reviewing the output from commands:



Which was:

RandomTools:-LinearCongruence:-GetState := proc($)
                                                                      1   return LCState
                                                                            end proc

Due to my lack of understanding as to how the maple kernel is designed, I am struggling to understand how the end of parameters marker is able to be accepted alone as the parameter sequence for proc, and was unable to find a help page for "LCState". I'm in such a state of confusion on this matter, it's really difficult to present the forum with a concise question, I really only have a request for a direction to go to understand this package further more.

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