Question: tool to convert .mw written in 2D to worksheet using 1D math?

most people who post here seem to use .mw written in 2D, which I do not like to use.

Is there a tool to convert such a file to 1D worksheet that one can use from the command line before opening the document itself in Maple?

The reason I ask, sometimes opening the original file and trying to do this from inside Maple by selecting the code using the mouse, then  Format->ConvertTo->1D   does not work, and gives an error.

Also, sometimes, when I try to first create an empty worksheet document, and then try to copy/paste the code from the other document over, it also does not work. This happens when there are syntax errors in the original document. The error that comes up is

        Parse:-ConvertTo1D, "first argument to _Inert_ASSIGN must be assignable"

As an example, please see the attached file in the following question

It will good to have a tool that converts such documents to 1D worksheet or even plain Maple code (.mpl) but I did not see such option under SAVE AS either. Also, when I tried to export it as .mpl file, I get the same error as above in the file. So I gave up.


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