Question: How to get Maple 2018 settings in Maple 2019?

Hi I’m a student, running Maple on a student license, and I have an issue with the way the Maple 2019 setup is.

I'm sorry if my answer is a bit hard to understand, I don't really know how to explain it.

My Maple 2018 expired and I was forced to upgrade to Maple 2019, however for me there is a huge difference in how the setup is in therms of “math” and “text” mode. 


Before, I was able to easily switch between “text” and “math” mode in a paragraph (the red “>”) in my worksheet, by using “cmd+R” and “cmd+T”. So I would have paragraphs for text, where i could switch between “math” and “text” for writing, and then I would have paragraphs only for math for when I would calculate things. (I’ve tried to screenshot how it would typically look)


Mt problem with Maple 2019, is that when I switch a paragraph into text and start writing and want to switch to “math” by using “cmd+R”, Maple executes the formula whenever I press “enter”, and give me an output I don’t want.


How do I change the settings to get back to the way they were on Maple 2018 and the years before this?

Thanks in advance.

(I know I can put a ":" after the "math" part in my text, but i don't wan't to do it every time)




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