Question: How to use ssystem and friends

I am getting my feet wet with Maple's system calls, like ssystem. I am considering to use Maple to run something like a Python script for certain numeric calculations, based on Maple-generated results. I am using Mac OS X (macOS for newer versions).

Maple's Help gives the basics and that works. For the specific Python example; I can run a simple script by using

ssystem("python -c A=2;print(A)"); # \n instead of ; works also.

Presumably I can do this with longer scrpts as well.

However, it appears that, when creating the process, Maple does not setup the environment the user (me) gets through initialization files like .profile, .cshrc or the like. As a result even a simple "python -c import sys" fails; presumably because the environment where Python looks for the module isn't setup. I tried

ssystem("source .cshrc");

but that fails as well. Trying to be clever and invoking a login shell (ssystem("tcsh -lc <command>");) also leads nowhere.

The Help page does say that ssystem() does not give access to all shell commands; is there somewhere documentation that says what works and what is not supported?

I am aware that Maple2018 and newer have more support in form of the Python package, but right now I need my code to be backward compatible to Maple2015 so this new package does not solve my issue for the older installation I am also using. Also, Python is not necessarily the only language I want to use.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Mac Dude


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