Question: Plotting Large Number of Functions


I was wondering whether anyone could help me. I am trying to plot a large number of functions on the same graph and am struggling with a way of inputting this without having to manually enter each.


Basically, I have a for do loop that runs from i being 0 to n. Within the loop, it takes a[i] = some function of my variables so in essence I have n functions that I would like to plot on the same graph. Currently I'm working with a low number for n to make sure that the code is running how I want it to, however I'm looking to increase my n number significantly which will obviously mean I have a significant number of functions.

I am using:

plot3d({a[0], a[1], a[2], a[3], a[4], a[5], a[6], a[7], a[8], a[9], a[10], a[11], a[12], a[13], a[14], a[15], a[16], a[17], a[18], a[19], a[20]}, z = 0 .. m, x = -M .. M, lightmodel = none, orientation = [180, 0, 180], style = surfacecontour, shading = zhue)

to plot my functions however I don't want to have write out each of the a[ ] when increasing this n value. So I was wondering whether anyone has any ideas how to write this in a shorter form?

I hope that makes sense and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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