Question: use of subs with the "``" symbols

Is it because I have handed subs a multiset or is it because I used the "``" things in the code producing my set? I seemed to remember algsubs and subs working perfectly well regardless of the dimensions of the argument in previous times i have needed it.




abCaseSet := {[`0<a<1`, `0<b<1`], [`0<a<1`, `b=-1`], [`0<a<1`, `b=0`], [`0<a<1`, `b=1`], [`0<a<1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`0<a<1`, -`1<b<0`], [`0<a<1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`a=-1`, `0<b<1`], [`a=-1`, `b=-1`], [`a=-1`, `b=0`], [`a=-1`, `b=1`], [`a=-1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`a=-1`, -`1<b<0`], [`a=-1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`a=0`, `0<b<1`], [`a=0`, `b=-1`], [`a=0`, `b=0`], [`a=0`, `b=1`], [`a=0`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`a=0`, -`1<b<0`], [`a=0`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`a=1`, `0<b<1`], [`a=1`, `b=-1`], [`a=1`, `b=0`], [`a=1`, `b=1`], [`a=1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`a=1`, -`1<b<0`], [`a=1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `0<b<1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `b=-1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `b=0`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `b=1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`1<a<&infin;`, -`1<b<0`], [`1<a<&infin;`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [-`1<a<0`, `0<b<1`], [-`1<a<0`, `b=-1`], [-`1<a<0`, `b=0`], [-`1<a<0`, `b=1`], [-`1<a<0`, `1<b<&infin;`], [-`1<a<0`, -`1<b<0`], [-`1<a<0`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `0<b<1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `b=-1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `b=0`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `b=1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, -`1<b<0`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`]}

{[`0<a<1`, `0<b<1`], [`0<a<1`, `b=-1`], [`0<a<1`, `b=0`], [`0<a<1`, `b=1`], [`0<a<1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`0<a<1`, -`1<b<0`], [`0<a<1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`a=-1`, `0<b<1`], [`a=-1`, `b=-1`], [`a=-1`, `b=0`], [`a=-1`, `b=1`], [`a=-1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`a=-1`, -`1<b<0`], [`a=-1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`a=0`, `0<b<1`], [`a=0`, `b=-1`], [`a=0`, `b=0`], [`a=0`, `b=1`], [`a=0`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`a=0`, -`1<b<0`], [`a=0`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`a=1`, `0<b<1`], [`a=1`, `b=-1`], [`a=1`, `b=0`], [`a=1`, `b=1`], [`a=1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`a=1`, -`1<b<0`], [`a=1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `0<b<1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `b=-1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `b=0`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `b=1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`1<a<&infin;`, -`1<b<0`], [`1<a<&infin;`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [-`1<a<0`, `0<b<1`], [-`1<a<0`, `b=-1`], [-`1<a<0`, `b=0`], [-`1<a<0`, `b=1`], [-`1<a<0`, `1<b<&infin;`], [-`1<a<0`, -`1<b<0`], [-`1<a<0`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `0<b<1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `b=-1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `b=0`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `b=1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, -`1<b<0`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`]}


map(subs, {[`0<a<1`, `0<b<1`], [`0<a<1`, `b=-1`], [`0<a<1`, `b=0`], [`0<a<1`, `b=1`], [`0<a<1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`0<a<1`, -`1<b<0`], [`0<a<1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`a=-1`, `0<b<1`], [`a=-1`, `b=-1`], [`a=-1`, `b=0`], [`a=-1`, `b=1`], [`a=-1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`a=-1`, -`1<b<0`], [`a=-1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`a=0`, `0<b<1`], [`a=0`, `b=-1`], [`a=0`, `b=0`], [`a=0`, `b=1`], [`a=0`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`a=0`, -`1<b<0`], [`a=0`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`a=1`, `0<b<1`], [`a=1`, `b=-1`], [`a=1`, `b=0`], [`a=1`, `b=1`], [`a=1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`a=1`, -`1<b<0`], [`a=1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `0<b<1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `b=-1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `b=0`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `b=1`], [`1<a<&infin;`, `1<b<&infin;`], [`1<a<&infin;`, -`1<b<0`], [`1<a<&infin;`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [-`1<a<0`, `0<b<1`], [-`1<a<0`, `b=-1`], [-`1<a<0`, `b=0`], [-`1<a<0`, `b=1`], [-`1<a<0`, `1<b<&infin;`], [-`1<a<0`, -`1<b<0`], [-`1<a<0`, -`&infin;<b<-1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `0<b<1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `b=-1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `b=0`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `b=1`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, `1<b<&infin;`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, -`1<b<0`], [-`&infin;<a<-1`, -`&infin;<b<-1`]}, a = A)

Error, invalid input: subs received [`0<a<1`, `0<b<1`], which is not valid for its 1st argument






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