Question: Can you index arrays with a loop?

I was wondering if you can index arrays in maple with a loop. In MATLAB, you can index all rows and columns in the Matrix, A, with A(:,:), or a portion of the elements such as A(2:10,5:20) to index, or "loop" through these specific elements. In Maple, I am trying to index the following elements, as done in MATLAB with the command 

dIdQ(nmid-(imax-1)/2:nmid+(imax-1)/2,1) = -(omega_t(1:imax,1) - omega_1(nmid-imax*jmax-(imax-1)/2:nmid-imax*jmax+(imax-1)/2,1));

Is there a way to convert this matlab code to maple code?

Any help is very appreciated. Thank you!

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