Question: How to print a specific (large) coefficient of a q-series

I'm very new to Maple (and coding in general). I'd like to know a very large coefficient of a certain 𝑞-series involving the Dedekind 𝜂-function. For example

s:=series(subs(q=q^6, eta^4), q, N);

where eta := series(q^(1/24)*product(1 - q^n, n = 1 .. 100), q, N). I know the command coeftayl(s, q=0, N) but for certain 𝑞-series it doesn't recognize the numerical value of this coefficient when 𝑁 is too large (even after subtracting the principal part of 𝑠, if there is any) - instead it realizes the coefficient as a HUGE limit of something. Cheers.

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