Question: convert a list to division

Hi everybody and thank you all in advanced.

I tried this:

  1. convert([a,b],`*`) # this worked
  2. convert([a,b],`/`) # this gives an error
  3. map(`/`,a,b) # this worked


  1. How can I make code for point (2) work? Apparently `/` is not an option for convert.
  2. I was looking for a function that divide two symbols, something like divide(a,b) and outputs a/b for some simple
  3. programing purposes but find no one. (a,b) could be numbers, could be trig functions or polynomials.

    Of course, you can just input a/b or lis[i]/lis[i+n], but a knowledgeable answer to this will cast light over Maple’s ways and my wrong ways.
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