Question: Is not plotting for problems very difficult?

 I need to draw sketches   for problems in maple. It is not easy to draw perfect arcs in maple drawing.

It is easy to draw all the types of arcs in plots. Hence a multiple plot may help under such situations. I attempted to draw for a few problems, but found it difficult. Can any one help in drawing the same to get neat and clean output drawings for me to explain the answer to students.


Find the area of the shaded portion (b) . (portion b not shaded)





Find the area of the shaded portion.






 Area b = Area (a+b) - Area a =    -     =



Find the radius of the circle.




 Mistake : It shd be 0.25 and not 4 times (x+...)



Find the height of the cone.




A circle with radius 1 is tangent to 2 points of the parabola y = x2   What is the area between the circle ana parabola?









Maple drawing shows all outer portions of circles.I used snipping tool to get cropped picture for first problem.

I already got a similar problem and got a response that i should use being forward and backward, but that seems to be not worth it many a times since figures become bigger in maple drawing with outer rectangles used for eliminating portions. (Ex: problem 1, not shown here)



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