Question: for loop 2 variables, 1 exspression/function

hello this is so simple, and so essentiel in mathprograms, but i cannot get it to work.

how do i run two list through a function that needs both variables.

i am gessing a "for loop" is the solution, but i dont really care if its a loop or not, just i am getting a solution to the problem.

the two list is of equal lengt.


my variables



my function


E is a konstant, in this case E=5


so i want another list object. D to contain all the results from the calculation. as a list.

so D:=[]  needs to be filled with result.

for every run/calculation it takes, one of each of the variables F.ex.

C:=1*E/4*pi*10 and insert into the list D,

then C:=2*E/4*pi*20 and insert into the list D

then C:=3*E/4*pi*30 and insert into the list D.

and so on.


thx in advance


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