Question: study complex equation and plot it

Dear experts

I have a complex equation (eq=0) which is a function of K, Q, p and s. K and Q can be complex variables and pa and s are parameters.

equation is

eq:= (K*( Q*sinh(K)*cosh(Q)-K*cosh(K)*sinh(Q))*(1+s*K^2)
       -K*(Q^4+6*K^2*Q^2+K^4)*sinh(K)*sinh(Q)))/(K^2*Q*cosh(Q)) =0 :

and we know that Q:= sqrt(K^2-I*omega); where omega is complex variable

i) How can I study and plot K vs p if Q is 1) real and 2) pure imaginary. 3) complex variable and vice versa

ii) How can I study and plot p vs s


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