Question: Recommended way to defining functions using results from function calls such as diff ?

Simple example to illustrate the desired functionality:
Say we have a 2D vector function which describes the position of a particle

r := t -> <5*cos(Pi*t), 5*sin(Pi*t)>

We want to define the velocity and acceleration as functions, so we could do something like

v := t -> <diff(r(t)[1], t), diff(r(t)[2], t)>

The problem now is that we cannot call our velocity function with numeric arguments.
A simple solution is to call the function via "subs", as in

subs(t = 2, v(t))

but IMHO, this is not very elegant and I guess inefficient. Is there a command that enables for pulling out the evaluated result from diff such that it can be used directly as a functional expression ? I.e., I want to be able to call


directly, without having to do substitutions.



I found that you can do

v := <diff(r(t)[1], t, diff(r(t)[2], t)>
v := unapply(v, t)

but please provide your recommendations. Thanks

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