Question: multi-index or multi-sum

I have a formula that essentially is a m-order sum over a totally ordered set(the integers).


sum_{n_1=1)^{n_0} ... m times ... sum_{n_m=1}^{n_{m-1}}


It may be a little confusing but essentially it is just summing over all monotonic lidyd of size m of [1..n_0]

e.g., if n_0 = 4 and m = 3 then

1 2 3

1 2 4

1 3 4

2 3 4


Does maple have a convient way to do this? Ideally some function like osum(..., i=1..n_0, m)

where i is a multi-index(just the ordered list here so I could access i[1] the smallest, value, i[2] is the next largest, etc).


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