Question: Please how I can find the value of x and y ?


Hello everyone I need your help  please, I found a problem with solving an equation to explain this in detail ,here is  the problem how it is posed :

first of all we have N(q)=(exp(q)/sqrt(q))*sqrt(3/2)*D(3*q/2) .     (1)

with: D(3*q/2)=exp(-3*q/2)*integral(t^2)*dt with t varie from 0 to sqrt(3*q/2) this integral is known as Dawson's name     (2)

then we have q=(24/(n-3))*(x*k*m)/t with : t=0.6,n=6,k=1.3, so q=18.66666667*x*m    (3)

finaly we have m = 1/2*[(exp(q)/(q*N(q)))-1-1/q]     (4)

the quetion : is we must  find the expression of m  (4)  as a function of x only .

thank you evryone .

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