Question: Vector issues and Excel .csv ArrayTools Append bug?

Noticed an issue with Vector and excel.  Not even really excel but I found it through that.  

If I select a row in excel and do a copy paste into Maple it sometimes appears as if it's a list.  ie it shows up as [1,2,3,4]  other times it shows up as [ 1 2 3 4 ] signifying an array (for this example I've saved as the data under the variable a).  Running whattype(a) on the data shows they're both arrays.  Of course it's probably wise to instead load data through Excel into Maple by using the ExcelTools and Import option, however I didn't think there was no reason to use the copy paste option.  It does, to some extent, or maybe, well, it shows a limitation.

In the first instance when it shows up as a list, I thought it might be simple enough just to add other numbers in the list ie/ just tack on ,5,6,7,8 after the 4.  But after pressing enter we get the error

Error, invalid sequence

I don't understand why I couldn't just add to the copied data but maybe it's the formatting of the data that was pasted into maple? 

With the original copied data, I can use with(plots):  listplot(a) no problem however, we want to add data.  ArrayTools will let us Append data to the vector


listplot(a) # will throw another error

                  Error, (in plots:-pointplot) points cannot be converted to floating-point values (this doesn't show in Maple 2019 but does come up in Maple 18)

For Maple 2019 it with responds with a returned array [ 1 2 3 4 5,6,7,8]

Running listplot on that Appended Array.  Maple only recognizes the next 1 added value.

So this means appending values using ArrayTools and Append only allows us to append one value at a time?  Is that a bug?  Are there better ways to append values to vectors?  The only solution for that is to convert to a list and use op to append more values.  But perhaps Maple should have understood the copied values from Excel should have been a list or listlist of values?




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