Question: How can I improve a plot in Maple?

Hello every one:

I am trying to plat the graph of a function (which has been defined in my code). I use the plat 3D operator but it doesn't give me the correct plot . I even increase the digites and numpoints but appearently it gave me less precise plot . 

The problem of plots is as follows :

First I defined the function V and  asking maple to compute the values of V at some random points, spacially at (0,0) , (0,2*Pi) and (2*Pi,0) . It gave me 0 which means Maple computes the values correctly because it can be mathematically proved  that this function has the value 0 on all the board of a triangle with vertices (0,0) , (0,2*Pi) and (2*Pi,0) . 

As you can see in my code maple doesn't show the correct value (0)  for the boundary points even at (0,0) ! 


I don't know how shoud I fix this problem.You can find my code in attached .Thanks in advanced for your help. 

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