Question: Non symmetric sparse solver - non-implementation or lack of documentation?

Hi All,

This link shows that there are 3 options rgmres, cgs and bicgstab. When I use iterative solver, it uses the cgs option.

      A, b, method= SparseIterative)

LinearSolve:   "copying right hand side to enable external call"
LinearSolve:   "using method"   SparseIterative
LinearSolve:   "using method  "   SparseIterative
LinearSolve:   "calling external function"
LinearSolve:   "using CGS method"
LinearSolve:   "preconditioning with incomplete LU factorization"
LinearSolve:   "level of fill = "   0
LinearSolve:   "using complete pivoting strategy"
LinearSolve:   "dimension of workspaces for preconditioner = "   44
LinearSolve:   "using infinity norm in stopping criteria"
LinearSolve:   "setting maximum iterations to "   200
LinearSolve:   "setting tolerance to "   .10e-7
LinearSolve:   "NAG"   hw_f11zaf
LinearSolve:   "NAG"   hw_f11daf
LinearSolve:   "NAG"   hw_f11dcf
LinearSolve:   "number of iterations"   1
LinearSolve:   "residual computed last as"   3.33066907387547e-016


How can I force Maple to use BiCGSTAB?


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