Question: Differential equation, where u(t) is 8x8 matrix -function


Is it possible to solve a differential equation, where the solution is a 8x8 matrix u(t)?

The equation to solve for, "vgl", is this one:

The values for u(0) are known:

The functions QL(t) and RL(t) are also 8x8 matrix functions. They are actually Fourier series.

Can anyone point me in a direction how to tackle this in Maple?

For completness, I add the entire Maple worksheet (, but my last line obviously doesn't work ;-)

Also all the matrices for the Fourier series are added, just for completeness: RL0.txtRL1.txtRL_1.txtstrQL0.txtstrQL1.txtstrQL2.txtstrQL_1.txtstrQL_2.txtustart.txt


Any hints appreciated a lot!


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