Question: Insert into a Excel sheet without creating new excel file for each insert (excel tool package)

I want to insert each row at a time into a excel sheet from a maple code .  But i dont want a new excel file created for each insert.

First my list L has say [(a,1),(a,2),(a,3),.....,(a,100)] 100 elements this is first i insert it into my excel first row
next  [(b,1),(b,2),(a,3),.....,(b,100)] 100 elements i should insert into excel second row and so on

but dont want to store them here on a rtable, vector,array "all together" then export

I justt store 1 row at a time insert it and do on the same excel file file dynamically. without creating multiple copies of the same file

can anyone help with a code using exceltools package or any


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