Question: Need help to help DrawGraph in better enlarge form with vertex visible

GT := GraphTheory;
G := GT:-SpecialGraphs:-GridGraph(3, 3);
G := Graph(AdjacencyMatrix(G));
H := GT:-SpecialGraphs:-GridGraph(3, 2);
H := Graph(AdjacencyMatrix(H));
GH := CartesianProduct(G, H);
V := Vertices(GH);
P := [];
flag := 0
f := proc(K::string) local L; global P; L := Split(K, ":"); P := [op(P), cat("(", L[1], ",", L[2], ")")]; end proc
if flag = 0 then
    for i to NumberOfVertices(GH) do f(V[i]); end do;
end if
GH := RelabelVertices(GH, P)
DrawGraph(GH, stylesheet = "legacy")
I need the graph with those exact relabed vertices type i have done

Now the problem i want my graph a little better in output  i want my vertices a better visible the edges as they more not a issue atleast want the verices a little more visbile and distictive  kind help i apologize for the distubance kind help

the below is output i get i want it more better

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