Question: why assuming works, but assume does not?

I found there is assume=[...] syntax. So I changed my code to use it, instead of .... assuming 

Now I find that some tests fail.  Should assuming and assume not give same result?

sol :=y(x)^(1/2) = -1+2*exp(x):
ode:=diff(y(x),x)-2*y(x) = 2*y(x)^(1/2):

odetest(sol,ode) assuming x::real, x>0

gives 0


odetest(sol,ode,assume=[x::real, x >0])

does not give zero. Please see screen shot below.

Reason I changed, since I started saving assumptions to use in a list. So it was easier to use assume=[....] than assuming ...., since assuming wants expression sequence in front of it and I did not know how to convert the list of assumptions I have collected to an expression sequence on the fly to use assuming, otherwise I would not have changed the code.

But my question is: Should both give same result? Why is the result different?

Help says

The assume routine sets variable properties and relationships between variables. Similar functionality is provided by the assuming command.

I am probably not using assume= correctly.   I thought I could use the same thing I had on assuming, just put it in a list. 

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