Question: I understand this is asking for homework help but I'm struggling here!

Moving to online learning has proved difficult to get any real 1 on 1 time or with my teachers around this question, and the help I have got hasn't helped me as yet. 

I understand that asking for homework help is probably frowned upon but I would appreciate any help, guidance or direction on how to answer the below in Maple2019. 

The general formula for a plane in the 3D space is z = ax + by + c, where a, b, c are the parameters. Alice encodes three English words to three numbers by using the Maple command "text2num". She then set up a (3,4) secret sharing scheme with the idea of the Blakley method. The four shares are four planes given by: 

z =   4x + 19y + 2515211725275120 (mod 2515211819051461)

z = 52x + 27y + 2515210613496048 (mod 2515211819051461)

z = 36x + 65y + 2515210981587340 (mod 2515211819051461)

z =   6x + 60y + 2515211676449260 (mod 2515211819051461).

Find the secret English words of Alice with Maple command 

I'm absolutely hitting a wall. The most I have found in the word "you".

Thanks in advance. 

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