Question: Color of minortick gridlines?

Version: Maple 2020.1

When i set the color for the gridlines it only seems to be applied for the major-tick gridlines as the following trivial example shows:

plot(sin(t), t = 0 .. Pi, axes = frame, background = "#303030", color = "Orange", axis = [gridlines = [color = "#707070", linestyle = dot]])

I assume it must also be possible to also specify the color for the minor tick-marks gridlines?

The obvious (?) variant "axis=[gridlines = [color = ["#707070", "#707070"] , ... " just seems to crash maple (nothing happens when the plot() expression is evaluated).

I'm unable to find anything in the documentation regarding this and it only seems to imply that the color should be applied to both major & minor gridlines which is not the case.






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