Question: How to compute oeis sequence A083758 in Maple?

A083758 is the lexicographically earliest infinite sequence of distinct primes such that the concatenation of the first n terms is prime for all n>=1. It starts: 2,3,11,7,41,31..

The first ~ 1000 terms are already known from other codes (Mathematica, PARI), and it so far primes 13,47,61... have not yet been seen in the data. Progress beyond this point is difficult because of the rapid growth of the concatenations and uncertainties about the primality of such large numbers.


I would like to know if it could be possible to have a Maple code (operable in the 2017 version) which could produce terms significantly the first 1000 terms, and including a mechanism for flagging (at the end of any given run) the smallest prime not yet seen in the sequence?


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