Question: How to solve Matrix equation ?

Hi everyone,

In some step of my code, I need to solve the following equation: M = Id, where, M is a square matrix of dimension n and each element of this matrix M is an expression with parameters. Id, is the identity matrix.

Could you please tell me how to solve such a matrix equation M = Id, whatever n ?

Example: i would like to solve M=Id, where M is given by:
M:=Matrix(3, 3, [[-1/3*a + b + c - 2*d, -1/4*a + 2/3*c, 1/15*a - 1/4*c + 2/3*d], [e + a - 2*c, 2/3*a, -1/4*a + 2/3*c], [f - 2*a, 0, 2/3*a]]);

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