Question: Dandelin spheres - How do I display intersection between surface of revolution and plane in 3d plot?

Hi again. I have been stuck on this for almost 3 hours by now, and i have ran out of ideas..

I am working on a proof called dandelin spheres, which proves you can get an ellipse by cutting a cone with a plane.

I have found the right equation for both semi circles, the line (cone) and the plane.

I have defined the spheres as semi circles, and the cone as a line, which i am plotting by using the surface of revolution command.

The problem lies within the fact, that i cannot use the intersectplot command with surface of revolution, and i need the plot to show the intersection between the plane and cone. 

The following shapes are defined:

cone line - f := x -> 0.5*x;
small sphere - g := x -> sqrt(0.8944271908^2 - (x - 2)^2)

bigger sphere - h := x -> sqrt(3.354101965^2 - (x - 7.5)^2)

plane - m(x, 0) := 1.216350358*x - 3.841106394

with the following command i recieve this output, which i nice, but i am missing the final part, the ellipse.


I hope someone can help a desperate student :)

- Oscar

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