Question: How to code a conjecture?


I am working on a project to code a conjecture in Maple and I am stuck.  It is as follows:

"Someone had a conjecture that any odd number greater than one can be written as the sum of a prime number and twice a perfect square.  (ie 3=3+2*02, 15 = 7+2*22)  I would like to know if this holds for all the numbers from 3 to 9,000 and if not, which odd numbers fail this criteria."

I have very little coding experience so I am looking to see if anyone has an idea where I can go with this.  I tried the following:

X=P+2*N where

X:=seq(3+2i, i=0..4499);

P:={seq(ithprime(i), i=1..1250)};

N:=seq(i^2, i=0..100);

Once I get this far, however, I don't know where to go.  I would like the left side of the equation to run from 0 through 4499 (giving me a value of over 9000) while the right side does the same thing.  If there are any situations where the left side and right side do not equal each other, I want it to tell me.

My apologies if this is too wordy or confusing.  Thank you.

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