Question: Maple bug in plotting

f := n->local p := round(n) mod 2; 1/2 + (-1)^p/n/2^p;
f := proc (n) options operator, arrow; `if`(1 < modr(n-1/2, 2),

   1/2+1/n, 1/2-(1/2)/n) end proc

     f := proc (n) local p; options operator, arrow; p :=

f := n->local p := round(n) mod 2; 1/2 + (-1)^p/n/2^p;


Correct plot


Wrong plot



Can someone explain why I have to put ' ' around f to get the right plot? Clearly it has something to do with round and/or mod. Why does maple have this stupid issues? Cause it seems like it is very error prone. I know it's wrong only cause I know what to expect.

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