Question: how do i evaluate Vh in the routine below?

                          hall effect
Vh = B*I/qnd;
                                 I B
                            Vh = ---
The Hall voltage represented as VH is given by the formula:    VH=IBqnd  Here,    I is the current flowing through the sensor    B is the magnetic Field Strength    q is the charge    n is the number of charge carriers per unit volume    d is the thickness of the sensor.;

B = 0.5*Unit('T');
q = Unit('e');
                        B = 0.5 Unit(T)
                          q = Unit(e)
n = 0.15*100000.*Unit('C')/Unit('L');
d = 10*micron;
                           15000. Unit(C)
                       n = --------------
                         d = 10 micron
I = 0.1*10^(-5)*Unit('A');
                      I = 0.000001 Unit(A)

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