Question: Programatically assigning colors to points in geom3d not working.

Programatically assigning colors to points in geom3d not working.  I just want all the points drawn by the draw command, to be the same color.  The output does not respond to programatic specification of the object color.

Maple 2021 Help says: "

geom3d: draw command

calling sequence:

A typical call to the draw function is draw([ obj_1(localopts_1),...,obj_n(localopts_n) ], globalopts) where obj_1, ..., obj_n are geometric objects, localopts_1, ..., localopts_n are local options for a particular object, and globalopts are  options which apply to all of the objects.

localopts_i is a sequence of type equation. The set of options allowed for localopts_i is color = red."

I tried: color = "Red", color = "red", color = Red, color=red.  The command goes through but the colors remain distinct per point.  You can use the context menu to change the color after the command goes through but it is inefficient for my purposes. 

Here is an image of it not working:


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