Question: Once upon a time in Maple I could get it to answer this question

Consider F := Int( 1/(1+x^n), x=0..1 ).  Once upon a time in Maple ("when tigers smoked pipes") I got it to tell me that F = hypergeom( [1,1/n], [1+1/n], -1 ).  This is true, compact, and very helpful.   n is a positive integer.

I don't seem to be able to do this any more; the combinations of Int, Sum, int, sum, convert/hypergeom, etc are not working for me. I am probably forgetting just which trick I used---I don't think that Maple's capabilities have changed, except that now sometimes I get a finite sum for the integral going from k=0 to k=floor(n/2) which I don't remember seeing before.

Any ideas?

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