Question: How to animate in real time

So I just noticed that if you want to animate something in real time, the best you can achieve is something close but not exact.

For example lets say we have a ball travelling 22 m/s over 1000 m and I want to animate that in real time. 

ball := proc(x, y) plots[pointplot]([[x, y]], color = blue, symbol = solidcircle, symbolsize = 40); end proc:
animate(ball, [22*t, 0], t = 0 .. 1000/22, frames = floor(1000/22));

frames has to be an integer value so determining how long it will take and adjusting the frames to 1 frame per second.  It requires a bit of manipulation to get it right.  Is there a better way?  I suppose boosting the frame rate and increasing the number of frames would work but then it becomes cumbersome and any large period of times would use a high number of frames and consume enormous amounts of memory. 

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