Question: A maplet for complex integration

This is so useful to see geometrical mapping diagram to visualize Complex analysis

Something that also can be made for Maple 

Mapping Diagram for Cauchy Integral Formula – GeoGebra

Using GeoGebra for visualizing complex variable. (

I highly encourage everyone interested in complex variable to read Tristan Needham „Visual Complex Analysis” and try to solve problems with or without aid of GeoGebra. I hope that in this workshop we will manage to get a feeling of complex functions and as a final point understand how complex integration works. It is a common misconception that complex integration can't be visualized, and using Tristan Needham's ideas we will try to explore this idea. It's a pity that we don't have a lot of time, thus we will skip a lot of important information and construct only some graphs. 

There is so much experimenting with Geogebra software and doing too this in Maple ?

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