Question: How to recover the name of a variable?

When using the Statistics package to declare a variable, let's say A,  as random, this variable is associated (assigned?) to a variable of name _R or _Rn with n a non-negative integer.
Subsequently, each expression you construct that contains the name A is displayed in a form where A has been replaced by its "alias" name _Rn.
Here is an example

A := RandomVariable(Uniform(0, 1)):
B := RandomVariable(Uniform(0, 2)):
C := RandomVariable(Uniform(1, 2)):
F :=  (A+2*B)/C
                          _R + 2 _R0

Is it possible,  to display F under its original form?
Is it possible to recover that _R is in fact A, that _R0 is in fact B and so on?

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