Question: Physics Update does not work ... !!!

The Physics Update package install or upgrade via cloud is not working now. See the error code:

Fetching package "Physics Updates" from MapleCloud...
ID: 5137472255164416
Version: 1183

File size is 5148672 bytes(4 MB).

Installing package...
PackageTools:-Install("/tmp/cloudDownload17017141919364770870/Physics+Updates.maple",overwrite=true,pkgname="Physics Updates");

ERROR: The package could not be installed.
error PackageTools:-Install, "this package is intended to work with Maple %1; it can not be installed in the version you are using -- %2", "2022", "2021"

Same problem on Maple 2021 and Maple 2022 (linux and windows version).

Any help?

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