Question: loops in parallel


I have 3 loops that I want to run, each loop runs a different procedure and have no interaction with the other, each loop takes about 5 hours to run so if I run the program in Series it takes about 15 hours, I can't separate the sheet into a few sheets and run it manually because there is initial data and calculations before the loops, so what I'm looking for is a way to parallel run these 3 loops.

The script I wrote so it would be clearer –

for i from 1 to n do 

for j from 1 to n do 

 x__Up[i,j]:= `Xmax__UP,m`(`P__m`(i,j),`I__m`(i,j),`data__upNc`);      


if (i mod 10 =0 ) then  print(evalf((i)/(n))*100); fi:


for k from 1 to n do 

for m from 1 to n do 

 x__U[k,m]:= `Xmin__UP`(`P__m`(k,m),`I__m`(k,m),`data__upNc`);      


if (k mod 10 =0 ) then  print(evalf((k)/(n))*100); fi:


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