Question: Bernoulli DGL y' = y^4 * cos(x) + y*tan(x) how can solve that in Maple?

Good Morning Guys,

Please, could somebody help me with my problem in Maple?

The expression y' = y^4 * cos(x) + y*tan(x) with start-value y(0) = 0.5 has the solution of 1/root(cos(x)^2 * 8*cos(x)-3 * sin(x),3).

If I try to solve it with this method dgl_2 := diff(y(x), x) = y(x)^4*cos(x) + y(x)*tan(x) I don't get the right solution. Is it possible to solve this expression with a Tutor app? step by step? If yes I would so happy to tell me how I can do that. 

Thanks a lot and I wish you all a nice sunday and stay safe.

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