Question: How to change output of mtaylor command?

I want to change the output of the mtaylor command, eg for 3 series terms



ftaylor := f(0,0)+D[1](f)(0,0)*x+D[2](f)(0,0)*y+1/2*D[1,1](f)(0,0)*x^2+D[1,2](f)(0,0)*x*y+1/2*D[2,2](f)(0,0)*y^2;

I want the output as ftaylor := g(x,y) + D[1](g(x,y)) *x + D[2](g(x,y))*y + .... etc for all the terms in ftaylor.

Later on g(x,y) can be defined and terms like D[1](g(x,y)) evaluated.

I tried


but it doesn't work. Using eval doesn't work either.

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you in advance.

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