Question: copy past with the windows button does not work properly we need to change some setting - look at my example

every time we past with windows button + v

it has the form of one liner math input i want to force all pasting to have normal math input !


i copy two items and past them (the last one with the windows button)

   a/b,  and x/y

and i get

x/y and a/b

or another example

i want to have a script that ones ran, makes all pasting that contains one liner into normal math

this is not a scrip we need to run at the end or periodically but a package ones loaded changes the way it pastes with the windows button (something like for every past "check IF it is a oneliner IF True, then make it into normal math, else stop)

or change a setting in maple via " := " that forces all math inputs to only be able to exist in normal math, ie. disable one liner math input.

the reason i know this is a setting problem and can be fixed (easily) is this

when we look at the clipboard folder both of them are actually formed by one liner math input. and only the older copyed item has the wrong form when pasting. just take a look at the clipboard folder

when i just use CTRL + V i get the first one (with the correct form), when i use windows button + v and select the second one (i get the second one but in the wrong form)

they dont look the samme (not the letters inside but the form)

so pls help this is a major problem in order to work effectively.

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