Question: Can some help to tweek IsSubgraphIsomorphic(G1,G2)

Respected sir,

It looks like the Maple function IsSubgraphIsomorphic(G1,G2) function I think it is developled from the

phyton networkx package function 

GraphMatcher.subgraph_is_isomorphic()   The source python code for this is in this link below

networkx.algorithms.isomorphism.ismags — NetworkX 2.8.6 documentation

Now Can considering the Graphs G1 and G2 as vertex labeled graphs can we tweek the function in such way that rather than just to return true based on shape The function will now take a new parameter extra

IsSubgraphIsomorphic(G1,G2,Label=True or False)

If Label= True the then the function will return true if their is a subgraph G1 isomorphic in G2 with the same type of labels exists then it returns true and also returns that graph G1 edges based on those labels in G2.

Can anyone help please your help will be acknolwedged surely

Intially let it be for the undirected graph cases only.

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