Question: eval is not evaluating expression, is there a way to force it ?

Hello Iam following this tutorial to solve pde with laplace transforms  but have a problem with eval which is not evaluating the following expression

# Equations for c in physical space
PDE1 := diff(c(r, t), t) = K_1*diff(r*diff(c(r, t), r), r)/r;

#initial condition
ic1 := c(r, 0) = V

# Equation in Laplace space
PDEL1 := laplace((lhs - rhs)(PDE1), t, p);

# Apply initial condition to simplify
simplified_PDEL1 := eval(PDEL1*{ic1})

which is displayed (an treated) as

with c(r,0) not being replaced by V. When I try to solve the problem with dsolve I get the following error

Error, (in dsolve) invalid input: `PDEtools/NumerDenom` expects its 1st argument, ee, to be of type algebraic, but received {c(r, 0) = V}

If I replace manually C(r,0) by V then the error dissapears. Is this how eval is supposed to behave ?


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