Question: DataFrame - What is it for...?


Of course, I'm not talking about questioning the structure of the data itself.  This is the basic form of data manipulation in packages such as R, Julia, Python. I am asking what is the DataFrame in Maple for?
Importing a file (attachment) containing about 50,000 rows in 13 columns takes nearly 1 minute. Attempting to do any operation using DataFrame is practically impossible due to computer slowdown. (DELL XPS 17 9710, Maple 2022.2).

Whereas ImportMatrix() and matrix operations (select, remove, map, etc.) take a part of one second.

I wanted to give an example of some simple operation on the DataFrame object, but unfortunately, I lost my patience.

I have attached the file that I wanted to load for testing, which is part of the original (250K rows x 13 columns):


It's also possible that I'm doing something wrong..., then I'd like some guidance from you guys. I like the DataFrame concept in Maple. It's just about usability.


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