Question: Can Maple be forced to quit upon a syntax error, with a nonzero exit code?

Suppose a have a file "test.txt" with the following single line of code (intentionally missing the "end if"):

  if x = 1 then print("hi");

When I run "maple test.txt" from the command line, it shows the following and quits:

> if x = 1 then print("hi");
> quit
> quit
on line 3 of "test.txt", syntax error, reserved words `quit`, `done`, or `stop` unexpected
> quit

But it quits with exit code 0, despite the syntax error. Is there a way to get Maple to quit with a nonzero exit code when there is a syntax error?

What I would actually like is that if Maple encounters any error at all (syntax or otherwise), the script immediately ceases execution and exits with a nonzero error code. When the error is NOT a syntax error, I can at least accomplish this by wrapping the entire script in a try/catch block. But I'm hoping there's a better way.

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