Question: Is it possible to display an expression representing the product of two matrices (without evaluating the product)?

I would like to display an expression that is a matrix, the dot operator, and another matrix. That is, I want to display a multiplication of matrices, without the multiplication being evaluated.

Something like

<1,2;3,4> '.' <6,7,8,9>

Is this possible?

Here is some context around why I want to do this. Perhaps the main reason I use Maple is for the symbolic math capabilities using 2d math input. I want to create worksheets that look like what I would write on paper. 

For example, let's say I have a matrix that is defined by <I, F;0,0>, where each of elements is actually another matrix. I want to multiply this matrix by its transpose, which would be something like <I, 0^T; F^T, 0^T>.

I would like to display <I, 0^T; F^T, 0^T> .  <I, F;0,0>.

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