Question: Using Shade between


    I am manually re-creating the TS diagram for phase plot of fluid=air for use in a report as a pretty plot.   The TemperatureEntropyChart function is colored in grayscale.  I really need to change to colorized for additional data being added.

   The code to generate the various isobars color gradient is shadebetween two curves.   

    Using the code method to plot leaves white gaps in the discontinutiy of the plot curves returned from the Property function at the liquid and vapor lines.   I have manually connected the horizontal "under the dome" in a matrix of X,Y for each of two isobar curves.

   However, the shadebetween doesn't seem to like the two X,Y matrices for the curves as inputs to shadebetween.

    So,...   Q:   1.)  Can the color be changed using the TempertureEntropyChart function,..or
                      2.)  Can matrices of unequal X,Y values (scatterplot type data sets) be used for the curves in shadebetween command?  The help infers the Y (v, of (u,v))  values need to match.


Ref:    worksheet contained at:

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