Question: Creating a function from entries in a Matrix or Vector

I would like to create a fuction from the values in a vector. Say I have a 3 vectors , A,F,Theta.

A=col vect of Amplitudes (order n)
F=col vector of Frequecies (order n)
Theta=col vector of phases (order n)

I want to create a function 

f(x):=x->A[0]*cos(F[0]*x+Theta[0] + A[1]*cos(F[1]*x+Theta[1] + ... + A[n]*cos(F[n]*x+Theta[n]

I would then like to create a vector x, and get the values for f(x). I am trying to create a function that is a sum of sinusoids that I can then create data from using a vector x.

I have tried many things but I can't seem to get it right. Can anyone help me with this.


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