Question: Error in in Importing a Matrix from matlab to maple (Array index out of range)?

I want to import a numeric 2800*1 matrix from matlab to maple by following command, but faced error as bellow:

X := ImportMatrix("E:/.../Omega.mat", source = MATLAB);
 ImportMatrix:-ModuleApply called with arguments: E:/.../Omega.mat, datatype = auto, delimiter = (), format = (), mode = (), output = all, ragged = true, skiplines = 0, source = MATLAB, sourceid = all, transpose = false
 #(ImportMatrix:-ModuleApply,36): error
Error, (in ImportMatrix) Array index out of range
 locals defined as: file = E:/.../Omega.mat, src = Matlab, ext = ext, res = res, x = x, isv7 = isv7, del = false

Where is the problem?

How to import?

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