Question: Maple noob need help !!!!!

Hello everyone ! 

I am completely new to using math solving applications like maple.

I was introduced to it in my university course and since then I found it very helpful in solving 2nd degree differential equations and integrals.

However, i don't have any intuition for programming, so i found the commands of maple very confusing.

The last couple of weeks, I have been completely destroyed by a problem I've recently encountered...

I was given a bunch of (x,y) coordinates of a function and i was told that the function in question is a polynomial of a 3rd degree.

So my question is, can maple help me in solving this type of problems or no ?!?!?!

And if yes, can someone give me a general direction in which i have to go ?

Also, I was told that this problem can be solved in Excel ?

Thank you all in adavce ! 

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